Pregnant woman baffled as husband tries to invite brother into the delivery room

One woman was left baffled by her husband’s request to invite his brother into the delivery room to watch her giving birth – and flocked to Reddit to ask for advice

A new baby is a joyous thing, and their arrival into the world is an earth-shattering moment.

But not one you fancy being witnessed by your brother-in-law.

One mum was left baffled by her husband’s insistence that his sibling should be able to attend because he is a medical student.

She took to Reddit to ask for advice on how to handle her husband’s unexpected request – which many agreed was unreasonable.

“I’m currently 31 weeks with twins, a boy and a girl. My husband and I are both 21, and were trying for a baby for about a year before we fell pregnant,” the woman explained.

“I’ve had a pretty rough pregnancy, and my brother in law is a medical student, so he’s taken quite a lot of interest in my pregnancy and future delivery.

“We’ve always gotten on well. He’s 24. I’ve known my husbands family since we were children so we’ve pretty much grown up together.

“A few days ago, my husband told me that my brother in law had expressed an interest in being there whilst I gave birth, mainly due to it being beneficial from an educational standpoint to see a natural multiples birth, which is what I’m planning for.

“I said absolutely not, there is no way in hell I am allowing that. I’m not even overly keen on allowing my husband to watch me go through that, let alone his brother.

“He said it’d be a good experience for him and his degree and I said that as much as I supported him, my experience of having a pleasant birth was my priority.

“He got defensive and said he should be allowed to have a support person too, which I suppose I do understand, but I really just feel uncomfortable about it all.”

One person commented: “I am so so so angry for you. I don’t want to overstep, but if you were my IRL bestie I’d be asking if this is really the type of person you want to spend the rest of your life with.”

Another joked: “Tell him that if he is willing to get naked, lay on the dining room table, grab his ankles, and let your dad stare at his a****le for an hour then you will THINK about letting his brother in the delivery room.

“Birth is hard enough, don’t let him bully you into this.”