I refuse to give my twins matching names my wife is furious’

A dad-to-be has revealed how he’s come to a dispute with his wife over what to call their twin boys – with him completely refusing to give them matching names

A dad-to-be has sparked an interesting debate after refusing to give matching names to his unborn twin boys.

While many parents of twins choose to give their children matching things from a young age, the dad-to-be, who is a twin himself, has flat our refused, arguing that he found it annoying as a child.

The 33-year-old revealed how his parents would match everything of his with his twin sister when they were children, which grew increasingly frustrating as they got older, meaning it’s something he does not want to inflict on his own children.

“Me and my wife have recently been deciding names for our twins and my wife wants them to be matching,” he explained on Reddit’s AITA forum. “I said I don’t like the idea, I have a twin sister who I matched everything with and it got so annoying to me.”

He added: “She says it’s cute, but I told her for the sake of our kids lets not do the matching name thing and only make them match on things they BOTH want, such as matching Halloween costumes.”

Despite his protests, the man and his wife have continued to butt heads over the idea, with his mum-in-law taking his wife’s side and his twin sister agreeing with him.

The dad-to-be turned to Reddit to question whether he was justified in standing his ground on the matter and was met with resounding support.

“You need to die on this hill, you and your sister have first hand knowledge on this. Your wife needs to defer,” one Reddit user commented.

“It might be cute but your twins are still individuals too. It amazes me how many twin parents seem to lose sight of this. I have twins, their names don’t match and neither do their clothes, unless they want them to,” another added. “Time to remind your wife your twins are individuals just like you and your sister are.”