Huge mastiff dog as tall as a 6ft person looking for a home this Christmas

Despite being nearly six foot and weighing nine stone Basher the mastiff is described as a ‘lovely lad’ who is looking for a second chance at happiness

A huge dog the size of a human who has been in a rescue centre for most of his life is looking for a home this festive season.

Basher, a two-year-old mastiff, is facing his second Christmas in kennels, as people are put off by his size.

The lovable pup weighs in at over 9st 4lbs and measures almost 6ft tall when standing up.

Basher arrived at The William and Patricia Venton Animal Centre, Cornwall, in July, but had spent around 17 months before that in other centres.

Helen Jones, the animal centre manager at RSPCA Cornwall, said: “Basher was rescued in January 2020, so has spent almost two years waiting to find his forever home.

“Now, this lovely lad is facing his second Christmas in kennels and we’re desperate to make all of his Christmas wishes come true.

“We’re looking for an owner who has experienced with large, mastiff types and knows that these dogs can be rather clumsy and messy around the house – and who won’t be bothered by all the slobber.

“He has a history of chewing sofas, so will need someone who can be around for most of the time.

“Initially, to help him settle in and learn that it’s okay to be home alone after spending so long in kennels.”

Although all dogs are individuals, there are many considerations that come with owning dogs of a large size, such as Basher.

Helen said: “It’s important to do your research before taking on any dog, as well as thinking of the day-to-day care that the dog will need.

“If you’re considering adopting a large dog, then you’ll need to think about whether you can afford to feed them and whether your car is big enough to transport them to different places.”

Although he doesn’t always remember his size, the big boy loves cuddles on people’s laps and has been described as a ‘gentle giant’ by those at the rescue centre.

He also loves birds and although he’s very good on the lead, he can get very over-excited when he sees them – but still has a wonderful temperament.

Helen added: “Basher is such a wonderful lad who will be such a fabulous addition to the right family.

“It is important that any potential adopters consider what sort of dog – including their size – will suit their lifestyle.”

Once Basher settles into his new home, the centre’s behaviourist will be willing to help his new owners with him, to ensure that he doesn’t end up back in care.

The RSPCA has advised that Basher would be best suited to an adult-only home, where there are no cats or any other dogs.