The outdoor complex

Our Saturdays are filled with activities that most people only dream about getting to do.   We offer program for a full and half day.  Our program opens up at 10am and goes until 7pm.  Need to come only for a half of day, choose between the morning session (10am to 2pm) or the afternoon session (2pm until 6pm).

outdoor complex

In the spring you can test out shooting archery, identify edible plants or help build something using nothing but hand tools. In the fall you might learn how to cook using dutch ovens, start a fire by using nothing but friction or walk across a monkey bridge. In the winter you can go ice skating on a pond, go snurfing or test out a pair of snowshoes. No matter what the season is, you can always know that the pool will be open and COPE elements will be ready to use.

Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool

The pool is open in the afternoon for free swim, but that is not all. We always have something going on and you might find yourself playing a game of water basketball, swimming instruction, going through an obstacle course and/or learning how to save someone.

olympic swimming pool

Outdoor Living, Cooking, Wood Tools, Rope Work

This is the highlight for most kids who come (and most parents). Learn how to make rope, use a two person saw with your child and start fire using only friction. Test out your cooking skills by using a dutch oven, rocket stove or a spit. Be prepared for the outdoors by learning how to navigate without using a GPS, by identifying animals by tracks and scat, and building a shelter.

Native American and Wilderness Survival Skills

Learn about Native Americans that lived in the Blue Hills and from the rest of the country. Work on the Wigwam that is being built in the traditional way in the fall or build a quinzee in the winter.

survival skills

Basic Climbing

If you have never been rock climbing on natural rock, then this is the place to try it out. We use different climbs to meet your climbing ability and help to get you to the next level. Have climbing experience? Then check out one of our climbing weekends.

Shooting Sports

Base Camp features the traditional shooting of archery, bb guns, tomahawks and catapults. Get ready for surprises though when you come to our ranges as we always have something new and exciting to do there. First things first though, we also go over safety rules and same firearm handling before you get onto one of our ranges.


Indoor Aquatic Challenge Course (only one of its kind!)

Our ropes course goes all the way to the pool! We have 10 different obstacles designed for your group to complete in the pool area. Some can be placed together to create a mini obstacle course.

Ropes Challenge Course

You have ropes courses and then you have Base Camp’s ropes course. Each task is designed to be completed by the entire team. If you are not sure about the heights, then plan to use one of our low course elements. We have over thirty of them set up around the outdoor complex.

ropes challenge